Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage - Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock - Healing Hands Massage - Barbara Moore

I have been a client of Barbara’s for the past 13 years. I am an active member of several non profits that require heavy physical activity. My weekly sessions have provided me fantastic stress relief, relaxation of aching muscles. During a recent lower back issue, Barbara’s healing hands offered great relief. Now that she is incorporating hot stones, wow the relief is tremendous! She is a wonder. – Ed H., Sun City, Georgetown, TX

I have been having massages off and on for a good 20-25 years from California to Texas but have always been disappointed with the lack of deep penetration, relief or energy received from these ordinary spa masseuses.  Five years ago I found Barbara Moore and she’s the best, most talented massage therapist I have ever used!  Not only does she use her energetic hands and arms for a deep, penetrating massage, she sharpens their effects and results with fantastic hot rocks.  And she doesn’t just place rocks on your troubled, stress-filled areas – she knows how to manipulate them, weaving them into your massage so your body gets the utmost benefit possible and you walk out feeling energized, calm, super relaxed and wonderful.  This woman has talent all her own when it comes to hot rock massages and I can’t sing her praises enough!  As a result, I have a standing appointment with Barbara Moore every single week and know her hot rock massages have helped keep me in top working condition – wouldn’t be without them! – Barbara B.

I have been going to Barbara Moore once a week for deep tissue massages for close to four years.  As long as I have been going there she has always given me an awesome massage!  Most of Barbara’s clients like to have heating pads on when they get their massages.  I get too hot and can’t stand to have one on.  Several months ago she asked me if I wanted to try a hot Rock massage.  I initially was not excited about it.  On a day when I was particularly sore, I said OK!  Wow!  Knowing what I know now, deep tissue with hot rocks is the only way to go for me!  With the rocks you get a much deeper massage and I find it to be so much more relaxing.  Yes, I have even fallen asleep.  If you haven’t tried one of Barbara’s hot rock massages, don’t delay another day!  You will be amazed at how fantastic a hot Rock massage can be!  I can’t wait until Wednesday for my next massage! – Bob B

Great therapist and relaxation coach at the same time!  Never found a massage therapist that warranted a second appointment until I found Barbara 7 yrs ago. Very knowledgeable and uses hot stones to relax and get deeper into the tissue. Fantastic massage!!